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Festive Giving is a not-for-profit company, founded by Nicholas Martin, which handles all the donations raised during the Festive MINI campaign. Festive Giving is responsible for all the banking, accounting, legal, liability related to the campaign, and making payments to the charities.

Frequently asked questions

Why not use an existing fundraising platform?

The Festive MINI campaign is raising money for multiple charities. Virgin Money Giving (VMG) was previously the only reputable platform that allowed fundraisers to support multiple charities with a single donation, but VMG has unfortunately decided to close.

The majority of fundraising platforms do not support multiple charities from a single fundraising page, which is why Nicholas has set up Festive Giving to process and split the donations.

Do you support Gift Aid?

No. Unfortunately, we are not able to support Gift Aid at this time as this requires registering as a collection agency with each of the charities so that can claim Gift Aid on their behalf. We hope to add support next year.

Are you registered with the Fundraising Regulator?

No. This is something we would love to do, but they do not accept companies that have been trading less than a year. This is because we need to have a proven track record of operating in a fundraising capacity, and ensure that we follow their Code of Fundraising Practice.

Festive Giving
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Festive Giving is registered in England and Wales no. 13481148

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